Reading, Watching, Listening (May 2019)

For the last few months my friends and I have complained that we never can never decide what to read/watch/listen to. There’s A LOT out there, but all the choices quickly become overwhelming.

So I thought it would be fun to compile lists (maybe a few times a year?) of some of my favorite recent finds. Plus, I’m trying to find ways to make this blog/website more personal without infringing on my teenagers’ privacy. And who doesn’t love reading, watching, and listening?

If you’re up for it, share your own recs in the comments!



(1) Small Fry - Lisa Brennan-Jobs’ memoir about growing up with her famous father is, at times, heartbreaking. But she writes SO WELL that I couldn’t put it down. Plus, it’s fascinating.

(2) Late in the Day - This novel about the friendship between two couples over the years starts off slow. But the plot gradually builds and the end felt like a punch to the gut. I can’t stop thinking about it - and all the ways relationships grow and change throughout time.

(3) My Sister the Serial Killer - At first this binge-read (I finished it in a day) seems like pure pulp (of the best kind). Yet it stuck with me - especially its depiction of the way that society elevates beautiful women, choosing, at times, to disregard who they actually are.

(4) A Terrible Country - The terrible country referenced is Russia and the novel tells the story of an American who moves there to take care of his aging grandmother. It’s a great, easy read.



(I) Billie Eilish - All the kids are obsessed with Billie (she sold out her Anthem show) and I can see why. She’s weird (really weird) and her songs are quirky and awesome and like nothing I’ve ever heard before.

(2) Beyonce Homecoming - No explanation needed.

(3) Maggie Rogers - I’m totally addicted to this album lately. On constant rotation.

(4) Lizzo - Freya (my daughter) got me hooked on Lizzo. I love how all her songs are about female empowerment. And they’re catchy.



(1) On My Block, Seasons 1 and 2 (Netflix) - My daughters and all their middle school friends couldn’t stop talking about this show so I figured I needed to give it a try. And I couldn’t stop watching. On My Block’s depiction of kids growing up in a lower income neighborhood is pretty amazing. Sort of like the Wire meets 90210. And totally binge-worthy.

(2) Dead to Me (Netflix) - I can’t even begin to describe this show, with all of its twists and turns. But it’s a really suspenseful take on the nature of grief, friendship, and forgiveness.

(3) Shrill (Hulu) - I loved this comedy about an overweight women discovering her awesomeness. (NOT for kids though).

(4) Derry Girls (Netflix) - Another teen show - this one is about a group of friends growing up during the 90s in Northern Ireland and it’s hilariously funny. Plus, the soundtrack is great.


So those are my recommendations. What about everyone else? Have you come across anything interesting lately?




. . . .

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