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Road trips, 1980s teen movies, Alice Munro, margaritas (with salt, of course), campgrounds, comfy grey sweatshirts, "Naive Melody" by the Talking Heads, lilacs, dog walks at dusk, the Neapolitan Novels by Elana Ferrante, my grandmother's old photo albums, hot baths, happy hour, wool socks, sleeping in, iced tea with lemonade, silver hoop earrings, boho shirts (if you can’t already tell from the photos), hugs, tabouli, mixtapes, & decadent desserts.

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I DON’t enjoy:

Overpriced wine, mean people, long lines, gardening (luckily my husband loves gardening), not laughing, bedtime, & cleaning bathrooms.


Have questions? I'm always up for a call. Or chats over email. Of coffee. Whatever works best for you! I can’t wait to hear your story!

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