Hi. I’m Darcy. Northern VA/Washington DC/Arlington/Alexandria/MD Photographer. Storyteller. Random moment collector. Bad dancer (who still insists on dancing).

I believe real life is pretty amazing in all its imperfection (and definitely worth remembering)! I love “messy” photos so much that the first photo you’ll see of me (on the left) was taken after my husband won Pieface Showdown (hence the whipped cream all over my face).

I’m not a huge fan of photos where everyone sits “perfectly” still looking straight at the camera. Instead, my photographs are unique and unscripted - dancing, laughing, running, etc. Candids are my fave!!

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Washington DC/Northern VA/MD/Arlington/Alexandria

I love life's unscripted moments and that's why I love photographing weddings - there are always so many beautiful and amazing surprises.

I'm not a huge fan of table and chairs and I won't ask a lot of questions about your color scheme - for me the best details of the day come from people, not things. I like to capture your day as it occurs - friends laughing and/or doing something embarrassing, relatives crying (happy tears), you and your fiance looking at each other across the room, craziness on the dance floor, etc.

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Washington DC/Northern VA/MD/Arlington/Alexandria

Life with kids is crazy and complicated and frustrating and miraculous (trust me, I’ve been there). And I want to photograph all of that. I’m not a huge fan of fake smiles or cheesy poses. Instead, I like to capture your family how they actually are - I love sippy cups and lovies and favorite family books. I love snuggles and races and impromptu basketball games.

Real life is amazing enough, why would I want to photograph anything else?

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