Maggie & Patrick's Summer Wedding Reception at Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm (Leesburg, VA)

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And the songbirds keep singing, like they know the score
And I love you, I love you, I love you
Like never before
— Fleetwood Mac

A year ago I photographed Maggie & Patrick’s GORGEOUS courthouse wedding in Annapolis, MD (you can see the photos here) so I felt extra honored to celebrate and photograph their one year anniversary wedding reception this June.

I can’t explain how wonderful this couple is (and how much their love continues to grow). Maggie and Patrick have had a lot of hardships over the last year, but they stayed in good spirits for their special day.

Plus, who doesn’t love a photo bombing turkey?

The day was relaxed and beautiful, full of good friends and family. This was my first time photographing at Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm, but I really hope it isn’t my last. The venue is gorgeous (one of the prettiest places I’ve ever photographed) and the food is AMAZING. I wish they had a restaurant - I’d eat there every day!

Wedding Location - Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm (Leesburg, VA)

Caterer - Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm (Leesburg, VA)

DJ/Makeup/Hair - DIY

Second Shooter - Amanda Lessner

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