The L Family (and Friends) on Vacation at the Cape (Marion, MA)

So much present, inside my present
Inside my present so, so much past
— Feist

This photo shoot was pretty amazing. When our good friends, the L family, realized both our families would be in Massachusetts this July, they asked if we could stop in Marion, MA for a family photo session.

Katie, the mom of the L family, grew up in Marion and wanted photos of her own children in her hometown. So we spent an afternoon “crabbing” on the local beach. Afterwards, we went back to Katie’s childhood home (not pictured here) and took some photos with her own mom. And then we drove over to the house of Katie’s good friend for a mini high-school reunion.

Isn’t the beach house gorgeous? It even has call buttons and a servants’ wing from years long past. Sadly, Katie’s friend was in the process of reading the house for sale, so this was their last time there. But I was happy to capture some final moments of everyone together before the house belongs to new owners. Plus, my kids LOVED playing croquet on the lawn.

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