Halloween with the Avengers (Arlington, VA)

I love my job. I love meeting new people as well as photographing old friends. I love that every time I pick up the camera I know to expect the unexpected. I love spending time with happy people (and/or unhappy people who eventually become happy because photoshoots are fun. Or at least they should be fun. Or at least I TRY HARD to make them fun).

All that being said, this photoshoot is especially near and dear to my heart (wow, I'm just piling on the cheese today).   Every year for Halloween our good friends, The R family, make amazing DIY family costumes. In the past they've dressed as the band Kiss, Disney villains, and Toy Story characters. And every year they state that this costume might be the last costume, that the kids will eventually grow out of it.

So for 2015, I photographed the R family dressing up for Halloween. And I know I'm not supposed to say this about my own work, but I love these photos. As great as it feels to photograph a moment, it feels even better when your photos tell a story. And this story REALLY needed to be told. So blog readers, may I introduce you to . . . The Avengers!

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