Kacie & Tom's Winter Wedding at Tudor Place (Washington D.C.)

Well, I traveled a long way, And it took a long time to find you, But I finally found you.
— Alabama Shakes

Tom lives in London. Kacie lives in DC. They met in a small town in Massachusetts on work retreats for different companies. And, trust me, they are meant to be together. Two of the nicest people I've ever met.

I first became smitten with them when I read their questionnaire responses. Tom loves the "green rolling hiils and cold fresh air of the countryside." Kacie loves, "dogs looking up at their owners when they're on a walk." I wish they would get married again and again, so I could photograph them as the years go on.

Their winter wedding (only 8 guests) was intimate and beautiful. And unique to them. It was the last ceremony I photographed in 2017, one week before the solstice - the perfect finale to a great year.


Wedding Venue - Tudor Place, Washington DC.

Reception/Dinner Venue - Rose's Luxury, Washington DC.

Flowers and makeup - Kacie did her own makeup and made her own (gorgeous) bouquet.



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